Ep.2: Magic of 11’s

Here’s our first MATH lesson. It is so easy that one night, I wound up showing it to everyone in the pizza restaurant. Well, everyone who would listen, anyway. We were scribbling down the answers right on the pizza boxes with such excitement that I couldn’t help it – I started laughing right out loud about how excited everyone was about math… especially on a Saturday night.

Download the student worksheet that goes with this lesson.

When you do this calculation in front of friends or family, it’s more impressive if you hand a calculator out first and let them know that you are ‘testing to see if the calculator is working right’. Ask for a two digit number and have them check the calculator’s answer against yours.

2 Responses to “Ep.2: Magic of 11’s”

  1. Gogs

    Great maths cast Aurora. The kids loved it and want to explore this more to see why it works. I signed up but the email didn’t have a link for the maths worksheets. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks.

  2. Aurora Lipper

    Thanks for the feedback. We’re still building this site, so there are bugs here and there on it, and I think you found one. 🙂 I’ll fix the form and email you the worksheet you need.

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